Interesting and Useful Books about Impruneta in Tuscany

One of the great attractions of Tuscany is that its traditional rural life continues relatively unchanged in many respects, and white oxen pulling ploughs are still a vivid memory for local pensioners. Anyone interested in this fascinating aspect of Tuscan culture should try to consult the huge two volume "Cultura Contadina in Toscana" ed. G.Magi (Bonechi, 1989). These volumes contain hundreds of photos and drawings covering every aspect of rural activity in Tuscany. They are currently out of print but copies to buy can be found relatively easily in Florence.
This useful volume describes the Museo del Tesoro di Santa Maria dell'Impruneta in detail with many coloured pictures, plus brief sections covering itineraries and a description of the terracotta industry. It contains an English translation that includes the Glossary.

Museo del Tesoro di Santa Maria dell'Impruneta

Guida alla visita del museo e alla scoperta del territorio

Caterina Canerva

Edizioni Polistampa 2005 ISBN 88-8304-954-3

A full description of the artistic treasures and relics preserved in the museum of the Basilica of Impruneta is given in "Il Tesoro di Santa Maria all'Impruneta". I'm not sure if this is available only in Italian, but it contains excellent coloured illustrations.

Il Tesoro di Santa Maria all'Impruneta

Antonio Paolucci, Bruno Pacciani e Rosanna Caterina Proto Pisani

Becocci Editore Firenze 1987

The splendid collection of manuscripts with miniatures plus the fabrics recovered from the tomb of the Biship degli Agli in the Museum of Santa Maria are documented in this volume together with numerous coloured and black & white illustrations. The text is in Italian but it's extremely worthwhile, if at all possible, to look at this book before visiting the collection.

Il Tesoro di Santa Maria all'Impruneta II
I codici miniati e l'arredo sepolcrale del Vescovo degli Agli

Magnolia Scudieri, Maria Sframeli e Rosanna Caterina Proto Pisani

Becocci / Scala Firenze 1990
This volume, written in Italian, is available from the Basilica and the Impruneta Tourist Information office. It was written by Father Bianchini, the parish priest, and contains a mixture of interesting historical and modern photos and descriptions of life in Impruneta, together with much material of interest specifically to the local parishioners.


Don Vasco Bianchini

The Centro di Studi Chiantigiani "Clante" publishes an on-going series of books in Italian on the details of the traditional and historical architecture of the Chianti area. These excellent books are packed with photographs, plans, elevations etc. The volume illustrated here covers Montefioralle and Volpaia. You have to scour local bookshops to obtain copies. I've never been able to elicit a response from the publishers.
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